Company Makeup Links

Hello, everyone. Below you can find the steps to complete your competition makeup look for COMPANY MEMBERS (Level Competition classes will received separate instructions regarding Hair and Makeup in their classes). Please see the links listed for more detailed instructions on how to do each step. Many, many more can be found with a quick search on YouTube. Remember, this is a very POLISHED look that will take some practice to master so have patience. We are looking forward to seeing beautiful faces on Saturdays!


Step 1. Wash Face

Moisturize (if needed). Prime face, eyes, and lips (ALL OVER, Like sun screen).


Step 2. Eyebrows

Seek a pencil in your hair color. Every brand, from drug store inexpensive to top line, makes eyebrow pencils in different shades. It is preferred you use a pencil and not powder (more sweat/water proof). Follow your natural shape using a LIGHT hand with short, feathery strokes. Here is a good, quick tutorial: Eyebrows. You can find many more tutorials on YouTube.


Step 3. Eyeshadow, Eye Lashes, and Eye Liner

Start with your shadow, then apply lashes. Wait for the glue to dry before applying eyeliner. Note: we are doing the double winged look – a wing extending the top lash line and a second extending the bottom lash line. They do not meet! Also, remember that unlike in this video, we are NOT lining the water line (inside of our eyes), only on the lash line proper: Eyes.


Step 4. Clean Up

Check if any loose eyeshadow has fallen on your nose or cheeks. If so, clean away with a makeup wipe.


Step 5. Foundation

Spread all over face and extending over jaw line, onto your neck a bit. Make sure to bring it all the way close to your eye brows and eye make up too, so everything meets up together. If you want to be a Kardashian, go ahead and get fancy with contouring at this point (lots of tutorials on YouTube). Also, if you are a person who needs concealer (for dark under eyes or acne breakouts), I recommend putting the concealer on FIRST, then foundation over it. Don’t use hands – use a sponge or foundation brush.


Step 6. Blush

Smile! Find the apples of your cheeks, and swipe up and back towards your ears. Here is a tutorial of how you can stipple and swipe: Blush.


Step 7. Lip Liner and Lip Stick

First, line your entire mouth and fill it in with a lip liner pencil in a matching shade to our lipstick color. Follow the natural shape of your lips. Next, apply lipstick. A note: You do not need to use a lipstick brush to apply your lipstick, as shown in this video – you can just apply straight to your lips: Lips.