2023-2024 Competition Routines

Here are our preliminary competition routines for next season! It is possible that more routines will be added in the Fall.

Congratulations Dancers!

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All Summer Company Classes and Rehearsals (Competition & Nutcracker) begin Monday, July 10th!

We did our best to work around the conflicts you listed.

If you are scheduled for a date that you listed as conflict it means we were not able to accommodate that absence and you are expected to fulfill your commitment to the team and choose to be at rehearsal. 

Dancers not in attendance at any rehearsal risk being replaced or removed from choreography.

Fall start routines will be scheduled to begin the week of September 11th.

Solo Routines

9-11yrs Soloists

  • Palmer Tranchina: Lyrical = Fall start (GD)

12 -14 yrs Soloists

  • Vivian Despagni Tap (SW) Fall start
  • Avery Goodger: Contemporary (DM) Summer
  • Sophia Intrabartolo: Jazz (DM) Summer
  • Madison Bowden: MT (JM) Summer
  • Madigan Reilly:Tap (JG)
  • Vito Prizzi: Tap (ZH) Summer Start

15-16 Soloist

  • Amelia Bright: Contemporary (DM) Summer
  • Alana Ferguson: Jazz Summer
  • Keelyn Irvine: Tap (JM) Thurs
  • Andraya Dulanto: Lyrical(HG) Summer
  • Caroline Martorana: Jazz (FM)=Summer
  • Kiera Salembier Jazz (SG) Summer
  • Payton Salembier: MT (SG) Summer
  • Samantha Sinclair: Lyrical (FM)
  • Julianna Gregory: Tap (ZH) Summer

17-18 Soloists

  • Gabi Calascibetta: Lyrical (DD) Summer
  • Ava Castillo: Contemporary (HG)Summer
  • Brooke Engelke: Contemporary(HG) Summer
  • Cara Gedeon: Jazz (DD) Summer
  • Andraya Karamoshos: Jazz =Fall (GD)
  • Mia Konstantinakos: MT (FM)Summer
  • Julianna Marcone: Lyrical (HG)=

Duo/ Trio Routines

9-11 duo, trios

  • Carly Karekinian, Emily Newman, Kelly Trainor: Lyrical  (HG)
  • Hailey Augugliaro, Gabriella LaBarbara, Palmer Tranchina:Jazz -Fall Start (GD)
  •  Adrianna Tizzano, Kelly Trainor, Julianna Foley: Jazz – Fall Start (PR)

12-14 duo ,trios

  • Avery G /Sophia I : Contemporary = Fall Start (HG)
  • Madigan Reilly/ Vito Prizzi/ Alana Ferguson  Tap (JM)Summer

15-16 duo trios

  • Alana Ferguson & Kiera Salembier Jz (GD) Fall
  • Erin O’Connell / Vito Prizzi : MT (JG) Summer
  • Keelyn Irvine/ Julianna Gregory MT (SW) Summer
  • Amelia Bright / Caroline Martorana/ Sam Sinclair: Ballet (AM) Fall

17-18 duo trios

  • Gabriella Calascibetta / Cara Gedeon: LYR (DD) Summer

Small Group  Routines

9-11yrs Small Groups

12-14 Small Groups

  • Madison Bowden, Vivian Despagni, Riley Varvi, Sarah Newman: Lyrical – Fall Start (HG)
  • Madison Bowden, Sarah Newman, Erin O’Connell, Madigan Riley, Vito Prizzi, (JG)Summer

15-16 Small groups

  • Andraya Dulanto, Caroline Martorana, Samantha Sinclair, Payton Salembier: Lyrical (DD) Summer
  • Julianna Gregory/ Caroline Martorana / Samantha Sinclair/ Kiera Salembier Tap (SG) Summer

17-18 Small groups

  • Gabi Calascibetta, Ava Castillo, Brooke Engelke, Cara Gedeon, Andraya Karamoshos, Mia Konstantinakos, Gianna Maggio, Julianna Marcone (DM)