Dancers become BLD Company Members by attending an audition in late spring each year.

Company tuition is set on an unlimited amount of eligible classes for each group and Saturday production rehearsals.

Mandatory Company Classes: Ballet, Jazz, Lyrical, Hip Hop, J & Ts, Stretch & Strength, Tap

Available optional classes are:  Pointe, Contemporary

Summer 2022 Company Tuition: $592.50 = 6 week session

Fall 2022 Company Tuition: $395.00 = processed monthly

Nutcracker production fee= $220

Dancers should not take an optional class in the summer if they do not plan on taking it in the fall.   NEW Choreography often begins in the summer.

Summer 2022 Dance Classes begin July 7th. 

After viewing the schedule , go to the REGISTRATION PAGE at the top of the Homepage to enroll.

Petite Company 

Mandatory Petite Co mandatory classes: Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Hip Hop 

Fall monthly tuition $295

Summer tuition: 6 week session 442.50

Junior B

Contemporary: Monday 4pm

Stretch and Strength:  Monday 5pm

 Hip Hop: Monday 6pm

 Ballet: Wednesday 4pm

Lyrical: Wednesday 5:30pm

 Jumps &  Turns: Wednesday 6:30pm

 Jazz: Thursday 6:00pm

 Tap: Thursday 7:00pm

Junior A

Tap: 4pm

Hip Hop: Monday 5pm

 Jazz:  Monday  6pm

Stretch and Strength: Wednesday 7:30pm

 Ballet: Wednesday 8:30pm

Jumps and Turns: Thursday 5pm

 Contemporary: Thursday 6pm

Lyrical:  Thursday 7pm

Senior B

Pointe: Monday 7pm

 Hip Hop: Monday 8pm

 Contemporary: Monday 9pm

Stretch and Strength: Wednesday 6:30pm

Jazz: Wednesday  7:30pm

Ballet: Wednesday 8:30pm

Tap: Thursday 7pm

Jumps and Turns: Thursday 8pm

Lyrical: Thursday 9pm

Senior A

Contemporary: Monday 7:00pm

 Stretch and Strength: Monday 8:00pm

Pointe: Monday 9:00pm

 Hip Hop: Tuesday 6:30pm

 Jazz: Tuesday 7:30pm

 Ballet:  Tuesday 8:30pm

Tap: Thursday 7pm

Jumps & Turns : Thursday 8pm

Lyrical: Thursday 9pm