2018 Competition Routines

Here are the preliminary routines for next season! It is always possible that more routines may be added. Hard work inspires creativity; anything can happen! Congratulations Dancers! #pinkblackattack 

Junior Routines

Junior Soloists

  • Cara Gedeon: Lyr (DD) Summer
  • Brooke Engelke: Cont. (DD) Summer
  • Gabi Calascibetta: Jz (VJ)Fall
  • Andraya Karamoshos HH (GD) Fall
  • Gianna Maggio: Tap (SG)Fall
  • Julianna Gregory: Tap (FM) Fall
  • Alex Castro: MT (SG) Fall


Junior Duets

  • Gabriella Calascibetta/ Cara Gedeon : Lyr (DD) Fall


Junior Trios

  • Ava Castellano,  Amelia Bright, Andraya Dulanto: Lyr (DD) Summer
  • Samantha Sinclair/Payton Salembier/Caroline Martorana: Jz (SG) Fall
  • Samantha Sinclair/Keelyn Irvine/Caroline Martorana Tap (SG) Summer


Junior Small Groups

  • Gabi C, Andraya K,  Anna T,  Cara G, Julianna C: HH (GD)Summer
  • Cara G/Gabi C/Brooke E/Gianna M/ Julianna C: Jz (DM) Fall
  • Cara G/Brooke E/Julianna C/Anna T/Rebecca G: Tap (SG)Fall


Junior Large Groups

  • Cara G/ Gabi C/Brooke/ Julianna C/ Payton/ Ava C/ Sam S/ Amelia/ Caroline/ Julianna G (DD) Fall

Senior Routines

Senior Soloists

  • Julianna Schmidt: LYR (DD) Summer
  • Nicolette Febbraro: CONT. (DM) Summer
  • Jenna Spina: MT (FM) Summer
  • Gabby Annunziata: JZ (DD)Summer
  • Francesca Tassielli: CONT. (GD)Summer
  • Julia Martorana: JZ (DD) Summer
  • Sam  Martin: CONT (DD) Fall
  • Sophia Bright LYR (DD)Fall
  • Grace Vota: LYR (GD) Summer
  • Kristin Sculley HH (GD) Summer
  • Kate Coll CONT. (DD) Fall
  • Christyn O’Donnell – JZ (DM)Fall
  • Jordan Schmidt – CONT (DM)Fall
  • Olivia Anderson JZ (DM)Fall
  • Gianna Calascibetta TAP (SG)Fall


Senior Duets

  • Julianna Schmidt /Sophia Bright  CONT (DM) Summer
  • Nikki Febbraro/Christina Blaskey JZ (KM) Summer
  • Gabby Annunziatta, Isabella DeCristoforo D LYR (KM)Summer
  • Kate Coll/Christyn O’Donnell JZ (DM)Summer


Senior Trios

  • Jordan Schmidt /Francesca Tassielli/Grace Vota: CONT (DM) Fall
  • Christyn O’Donnell/Amanda Nifenecker/Gianna Calascibetta: HH (GD) Summer
  • Gabriella Annunziata/Jenna Spina/Sophia Bright: (Pt) (FM) Summer


Senior Small Groups

  • Sophia/Julianna/Jenna/Sam M/Nikki : CONT (DM) Summer
  • Christina/Nikki/Fran/Isabella/Kate:  JZ (SG) Summer
  • Gab A., Sam M, Gianna C., Jordan, Julianna S: JZ (JM) Summer
  • Julia M, Christyn O, Gianna C, Grace V : Tap (FM) Summer


Senior Large Groups

  • Kara O/ Grace V/ Christyn O/ Kristin S/ Christina B/  Gianna C/  Nikki F/ Sophia B/ Kate C/ Jordan S/  Emily T/ Amanda N/ Olivia A : MT (SG) Summer